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The woman pointed at the lockers located next to the snack machine, or maybe the sign above them.

Two Minute Mysteries Game (WIP) - Works In Progress - Choice of Games Forum

It's your purse; it's your responsibility to lock it up. Toni was going to have to call the charge cards companies, tell them what happened. Her cell phone provider. Take time off to go to the registry. Crossing over to the only other person in the place, Toni tried to catalog what else she'd lost.

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The money, of course, would be gone, even if she found the purse. All her frequent buyer loyalty cards. I'll pay for your next game, assuming I can find my purse.

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She had to replace her purse. Her best purse ever. She must have looked at a hundred before she found that one, and then it turned out to be marked down. Toni stopped at the payphone. She picked up the receiver before remembering how they worked.

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Then she walked over to they guy still staring at the snack machine. I need to borrow some change. But I'll be able to pay you back as soon as the police arrive.

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Want to exchange theories with your fellow web sleuths? Talk about the case in the forum. Retrieved 4 March Greenville Public Library. Archived from the original on Sobol, Barton Biggs, Richard B. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved True sea adventures. Two Flags Flying. Rees Sobol dies: Author wrote popular 'Encylopedia [ sic ] Brown' series". The Washington Post. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The interstates in the U. It had a single suitcase, a laptop and a set of golf clubs: nothing to merit delaying him further so she passed him through. When her review was complete, the supervisor was satisfied that none of her three candidates provided any real reason for suspicion and Larkin returned to duty. It was not until her shift was finished at midnight that she had time to reflect on the earlier part of the day. Werner… Mirakawa with Mrs. The Wardells used to live there. We lived over on Samson with his parents for 11 years before that. Got married right after the war you know.

Seemed like he was never there neither. Went out a lot at night too.

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At 9 I heard him drive in. The Dinah Macklin Show Had one of those boards. Never came in here though. She wore slacks. Came in a car, I saw that. I got another TV there. Keith and I did software development.

Three-Minute Mysteries 2

He was the techie, I ran the business end. He could have been for all I know. You know everything already. Martin and I formed a legal business partnership six weeks ago.

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That a crime or something? Martin lost all his hardware in the deal. Not ever. You said this was routine. I bet a lawyer does. You want blonde, you can have blonde. One of the best selling cars in the world. Go into any. Sub-Lieutenant Julian Mainbridge sat on the bottom rung of a homemade ladder that led to the loft above him and pondered his next move.

One was that the woman was lying. There was no doubt of that.

Yet — and here. This action might not be possible to undo.