The White Owl Legends: An Archetypal Story of Creation

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Raven Tales

This level is called Earth. This story is used by many comtemporary scientists to prove that Earth was visited by members of an old Civilization The Anunaki, The Archons, The Serpents that was situated in the Constellation Sirius. In Egypt she was the Goddess of Justice. In ancient history Medusa was symbolized by a female figure positioned in holy postures with the presence of animals, primarily birds and snakes whom she is intimately connected with.

Medusas symbol of female wisdom is her ceremonial mask.

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It has wide unblinking eyes that reflect her immense wisdom. The mask was used to guard and protect women and the secret knowledge of the Divine Feminine. It was erected in stone, corresponding to her look of stone, on caves and gateways at sacred sites dedicated to the Goddess. Maiden, Mother, and Crone Grandmother. She is the Regent of the Underworld, seen in those times as a place where souls went to rest between incarnations, before coming back to the earthly plane. The Ancient Underworld is now called Heaven.

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The three parts of the Triple Goddess Unite in Her. She is Three and One which makes Four. The Maiden The Fool, Seductress, Spring, Birth, Waxing Moon represents enchantment, innocence, lack of worries, the joy of living, inception, youth, discovery and excitement. The Celts believed that all important things come in three phases. The Triple Goddess is represented by the triple spiral or triskele. She is associated with fate, war, strife and death. In one of the many stories Morrigan appears to the hero Cu Chulainn and offers him her love. When he fails to recognize her and rejects her, she tells him that she will hinder him when he is in battle.

When Cu Chulainn is eventually killed, she transforms in a crow and sits on his shoulder. Cerridwen is the keeper of the Magic Cauldron. She is the mother of very ugly son, Afagdu. One day a few drops of the bubbling liquid spatter on his hand. Unthinkingly Gwion, sucks his burned hand, and, suddenly, he is able to hear everything in the world, and understands all the secrets of the past and future. He runs away, but Cerridwen pursues him.


After a long chase she eats him and, nine months later, gives birth to an infant son, whom she, in disgust, throws into the water of a rushing stream. He is rescued by a Prince, and becomes the great Celtic bard, Taliesin. This is a special version of a very old story where a Child is Born without the intervention of a Male. The origins of this story go back to the time of the ancient mystics, sometimes known as the Magi. The Grale stands for the Heart.

When the Inner Child is born you will understand the secrets of past and future. The Name Dana means Wisdom or Teacher. Anu was the Father of Isthar. The original territory of the Celts is close to the sources of the Danube. It is a business oriented materialistic sign dealing with the necessities of life and survival. Capricorn would definitely be identified as capitalistic. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, known by many as Father Time, the planet of structure, limitation and authority figures—currently this would be primarily patriarchal authoritarianism.

Pluto is like a stern home designer that enters your home Capricorn to re-design what is not working and ends up destroying all of your furniture and fixtures so that they may be replaced with new ones that work properly. In fact the whole house may be ripped down, including the foundation, and then re-built. If this is an analogy of Pluto in Capricorn, what can we then expect to happen to the present economic, social and religious structures and paradigms?

Keep in mind the key words for Pluto are power, transformation, intensity, evolution, debt think Greece for just one country and revolution. And it is the planet of radical transformation, death and rebirth. As politicians and corporate execs is there a difference? Pluto in Capricorn signifies the transformation of worldly power, and the death of industrial civilization — and, ideally, the rebirth into a sustainable culture.

Pluto governs power itself, including struggles between people and countries for domination, and of course, personal power. All things on earth, including humanity, are experiencing the transitional times between the ending of the Fifth Sun Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Sixth Sun of Consciousness Age of Aquarius. And transitional times always brings not only pain but fear.

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What can be said? Fear is a reality of human existence. In a few instances it may help us in life by waking us out of a complacent stupor. But there is another category of fear. This fear by far is the most damaging to us. It is our worst enemy. It is insidious. Daily, it steals a part of our soul.

The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals - Hannah Barbara | Carl Jung | Consciousness

It is the fear that separates—the fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown is the fear of death as well as a fear of life, which creates a sense of powerlessness within us.

This may lead to dysfunctional behaviors that give rise to an illusionary impression of power. Fear-based belief systems thrive in such a cultural environment as ours. Fear is the opposite of divine universal love.

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It will keep us from our bliss and an awakened heart. It sees the world as a dangerous place, recognizing not the earthly paradise that is truly laid out before us. Fear, in its innermost recesses, generates greed and the desire for materialistic accumulation. It is the breeding ground for external power and the abuses that go with that power. It is the curse, but then again, the salvation of humanity, as it has the potential to wake us out of the illusionary sleep of separation. When we let go of fear, we let go of separation; the veil is lifted and we see and know oneness of self and others.

Our light has evolved.

In a culture and society ruled by fear we must access the inner core of our strength—our heart, which will help us bring our fears out of the darkness and into the light. This transformational power, which we all have within us, fosters the courage for us to face fear. To conquer fear is to triumph over death.

The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals - Hannah Barbara

So what fears do you still harbor? Which ones can be released? According to the Popol Vuh, [i] the soul has five enemies—disease, death, stupidity, arrogance and fear. The first challenge is overcoming stupidity. Due to stupidity humans are fearful and arrogant. And arrogance breeds greed, pride, vanity, lying and false pretenses. There is no doubt in my mind that if Bernie Sanders had been running against Trump for the office of President, Sanders would be the president elect.

And what we have is a living example of stupidity. So what else would you expect! Trump is two-faced and Clinton speaks with forked-tongue, which is another way of saying a person is two-hearted—saying one thing but meaning another. Truth is seldom heard within the political-corporate-religious-military industrial complex arena.