The Gravity of Birds

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  1. 'The Gravity of Birds,' by Tracy Guzeman
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But before the odd pair can cash in on the commission, they must locate the Kessler sisters, who seem to have dropped off the map.

Will Natalie ever explain to Alice why their relationship fell apart? And why is Bayber so intent on including Jameson in his search for the Kesslers? Readers and art lovers will find themselves plowing through the novel so that they can get to the bottom of these mysteries.

'The Gravity of Birds,' by Tracy Guzeman

Critic, heh? It was a pleasure to spend time watching their lives. I love different plots that shift time and place and all the characters are somehow connected by a secret. She pretty much focuses on female history in families, but well, there is also a romantic side to her stories.

The Gravity of Birds Summary & Study Guide

But the impact Bayber has on the Kessler sisters is only one half of the story. New York. Thanks to Harper Collins for the review copy. Like this: Like Loading Tracy Guzeman's The Gravity of Birds ought to inspire new hope for an endangered species.

Paperback Editions

With its deft interweaving of psychological complexity and riveting narrative momentum, with its gorgeous prose and poetic justice, Guzeman's book is about sibling rivalry, tragedies, and resurrections. And it's irresistibly exquisite.

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Forty years later, as Bayber lies dying, he sends two trusted, but disparate, colleagues to find a missing painting that the Kessler sisters possess. Clandestine love affairs, painterly clues and a world of untruths come seamlessly together in this exceptional debut.

Tracy Guzeman on her debut novel, THE GRAVITY OF BIRDS

Forty-four years later, when a never-before-seen portrait of them is unveiled, a complex web of jealousy and heartache is exposed. This book is about details and secrets—and possessing the perceptiveness to notice how details can reveal secrets. Guzeman creates flesh-and-blood characters that readers come to care about.


The Gravity of Birds combines the drama of warring sisters, the mystery of a missing painting, and the sorrow of lost love into a haunting elegy that will, like the artwork it describes, leave you breathless. The paintings and characters that Tracy Guzeman creates will seep into your imagination and take up permanent residence, changing the way you think about art.

The Gravity of Birds is a warm-hearted, assured, and haunting debut. In prose that is always graceful and often breathtaking, Tracy Guzeman delivers a compelling story of the love of art, and the art of love. Guzeman writes of both the fragility of the human spirit and its inner strength. The book unfurls like a hidden canvas, soaked with color, emotional longing, and a desire to make sense of what is often too painful to be said without the assistance of art.