The Depths Within

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The Initial implementation of this change will focus on deep draft shipping channels where the primary product used for navigation is the ENC. Additionally, a statement drafted jointly by Coast Survey and the U. Federally maintained channels are broken into a series of individually named sections called ' reaches.

They may or may not be maintained by dredging after completion of the channel. In other words, the actual depth of the channel may be shoaler than the project depth.

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Controlling depths , or minimum depths, are the least depths within the limits of a channel reach. Minimum depths restrict the safe use of a channel to ships with drafts less than the minimum. Reach A has a controlling depth of 32 feet and Reach B has a controlling depth of 28 feet. Moreover, the controlling depths are presented on raster chart products by channel tabulations,depth legends, and hydrography individual depth soundings.

Here are a few examples of how depiction of channel depths will change on raster charts. Channel tabulation to project depth legend.

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Depth legend to project depth legend. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Above image is used for illustration purposes only.

Minimum depths also called controlling depths are collected during periodic USACE sonar surveys of channels. Tags: navigation NOAA safe navigation. Cigarette butts: The most prevalent form of ocean litter. Summer hottest on record for Northern Hemisphere.

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He superimposes this struggle onto Melville, who wrestles in Giono's novella with the dismissal by literary critics of his popular and successful early works. This criticism is personified as an 'angel' with which Melville grapples throughout the book. Giono has Melville respond to these criticisms in a rant which spans several pages, and is probably the high point of the work:. Yes, I do preach to fill my pockets. Everybody preaches to fill their pockets.

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I too have the right. You knew it would, that's why you said it. You know how to get at me, better than anyone else… But I don't give a damn! However glorious it might be to bear the distinction of spending one's whole life in horrible struggles… I don't give a damn for that glory and I've had it up to here with that distinction! I have no desire whatsoever to be distinguished… Don't ask angelic things of a man.

Hold your breadth and plunge into the depths?

I am a man, I want my slippers. I want to live: yes, to eat, drink, sleep. Sleep, do you hear? And afterward, let those who want to explain do the explaining.

12.4.18 – Wonders of the Depths

Me, I've done enough explaining. It's someone else's turn to go without sleep. I want to go out for a walk, I want to go fishing, I want to play a game of patience at my dining-room table. No one man has ever stopped the world from turning. The second half of the story deteriorates into a tepid romance with an entirely fictitious Irish woman named Adelina White, whom Edmund White suggests was a reflection of Giono's own paramour and muse, Blanche Meyer.

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In its early pages, it's a romance of the sort that not only doesn't make sense in this day and age but whose misogyny is also likely to offend. It eventually turns pleasantly and almost incomprehensibly mystical, offering some lovely symbolic imagery, but the point of it is this: she provides him the inspiration to write Moby Dick. Giono's Melville eventually discovers that great accomplishments like the writing of Moby Dick aren't fulfilling in and of themselves, but only in relation to the things and people that inspire us to act.

The Depths Within

Melville: A Novel is a strange little work whose scant hundred pages belie the surprising depth of the text. There's a lot to plumb those depths for. Historical accuracy is not among its offerings, so don't expect a biography of Melville. But it does pick up Melville's themes of obsession and the struggle for greatness, as a reflection of Giono's own personal grappling with these questions. The book doesn't help us see Melville, but it helps us see the Melville that Giono dearly wanted us to see and love: a reflection of himself.

For an artist whose discography spans continents both literally and stylistically, there was one reliable thing: Ginger Baker knew what was needed, and if he had to invent new ways of forcing rhythm to the forefront, that was his job. It will remain his legacy.

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In , a flood of plaid-shirted indie-roots bands built on the beardy throwbacks who gained country-rock traction in And while mainstream country music continued its evolution into '80s pop metal, plenty of roots acts turned the other direction with back-to-basics records. Who is man? Who is monster? Apollonian and Dionysian dichotomies are at play in the video game series, The Witcher , soon to be a Netflix series.

Electropop's Shura chats with PopMatters about her latest album forevher in which she infuses soulful grooves into her sound. Shura is currently touring the US and is set to begin her European tour in November.