Mallory, the Sleep Talking Witch

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Brea and Mallory talk about game books and interview Travis McElroy! Brea and Mallory talk about essays and essay collections and interview author Anne H. Brea and Mallory talk about trivia books and interview author and podcaster Andy McElfresh. Ep 61 - Library Stew with Brazos Price.

The Devil You Think You Know: Why “The Witch” Is Good

Brea and Mallory answer some behind the scene library questions with librarian Brazos Price! Brea and Mallory discuss public domain books and solve some book light problems. Tolkien Dune by Frank Herbert. Brea and Mallory talk about annotated books and interview writer and scholar Anthony Oliveira. Oh man! Brea and Mallory talk about books that have changed our lives and interview author and comedian Guy Branum.

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